What you'll learn

During your week's stay in Provence we will have approximately 50 hours of classroom time. 

Our time together will be divided into 

  • small group lectures on intermediate and advanced herbal topics
  • hands-on activities such as pulse diagnosis and intake practices
  • advanced medicine-making demonstrations
  • epic field trips around the region to see historical sites and many beloved plants
  • enjoying delicious French cuisine!

Rosemary lamb and herbed potatoes

Herbal Topics Covered
  • herbalist's approach to common chronic degenerative diseases. 
  • advanced medicine-making (percolation method of tinctures)
  • tongue diagnosis (learn to see health problems in the tongue)
  • iris diagnosis (using the eyes as a health guide)
  • introduction to pulse diagnosis
  • how to create effective herbal formulas
  • how to use the right dosage of herbs for the person and the condition

Field Trips
We will take at least three field trips, each offering a unique perspective of the region:

  • a hike along an ancient roman path where we'll see many favorite herbs growing in their native habitat
Rosemary growing out of an ancient Roman wall
  • another beautiful hike of the region to see many favorite plants
Christophe stopping to smell the incredibly aromatic medicinal herbs along the path. 
  • a tour of Christophe's impressive herbal garden (he grows hundreds of medicinal plants from around the world!)